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Yellow Fever Vaccination

Yellow Fever Vaccination Clinic Adelaide

[UPDATE 24 May 2016 - Blog: Yellow Fever outbreak in Africa]

Globe Medical is a WHO approved Yellow Fever Vaccination clinic in Adelaide with accredited doctors. Our travel doctors have decades of combined experience and knowledge in travel-related diseases and vaccinations. They stay informed about international regulations and recommendations concerning Yellow Fever vaccination. Vaccination is not recommended for those under the age of 9 months, pregnant women or those with medical conditions that suppress the immune system. Our doctors carefully assess and explain the necessity and/or advisability of using the Yellow Fever vaccine on an individual basis. 

Travel Medicine Consultation

To speak with one of our travel doctors about your trip and possible vaccination for Yellow Fever, you will need to make a Travel Medicine consultation, by phoning (08) 8232 7372 or booking online. Make sure that your appointment date is at least 10 days before your intended departure. Some countries will not accept a Yellow Fever certificate if the vaccine has been administered less than 10 days prior to arrival.

Those receiving a Yellow Fever vaccination will be asked to stay in our Adelaide clinic for 30 minutes post-vaccination to monitor for any immediate allergic reactions to the vaccine. Some recipients of the vaccine may experience side effects as late as a week after it. These may include: a mild headache, fever and muscle / joint discomfort. This is another good reason not to book your vaccine appointment too close to your trip or any special occasion. If you are concerned that you may be experiencing an adverse reaction to your Yellow Fever vaccination, please contact us to arrange an appointment with one of our travel doctors to assess your condition.

Yellow Fever in Africa and South America

Yellow Fever is a serious viral infection spread by particular mosquitoes between monkeys and humans. Travellers may be at risk of Yellow Fever when visiting certain regions of Africa and South America. Most cases occur in equatorial Africa (both urban and rural areas) where reporting is also inaccurate. The disease reached the Americas during the slave trade and was once common toall tropical regions there. It is now limited to the rainforest areas of South America thanks to both vaccination programmes and mosquito control measures.

Severity & Symptoms

The severity of Yellow Fever ranges from mild to severe. The initial symptoms may include: fever, headache, sore muscles and fatigue. In some cases, the disease enters a more severe stage with high fever, vomiting, abdominal pain, jaundice (the “yellow” in Yellow Fever is due to liver failure) and haemorrhage (internal bleeding). Severe cases have a high death rate.  There is no specific treatment for Yellow Fever therefore vaccinationis the best form of prevention. 

International Health Regulations for Yellow Fever Vaccination

Many Asian countries have the right conditions for Yellow Fever to spread but have managed to keep the disease out of their human/primate populations. Other countries in Africa, the Caribbean, Central and South America have eradicated the disease and want to remain free of it. Hence, the authorities in each country have the right to demand Yellow Fever vaccination as a condition of entry (under International Health Regulations). Travellers one year or age and over may be required to show a valid Certificate of Vaccination against Yellow Fever, or a valid letter of exemption issued by a Yellow Fever accredited medical practitioner. Australia requires arrivals to show a valid Yellow Fever Certificate if they have travelled through countries with a risk of Yellow Fever Transmission in the preceding 6 days. 

Click here for the World Health Organisation list of countries that,in some circumstances, require proof of Yellow Fever vaccination upon entry and countries with a risk of Yellow Fever transmission. It is not unusual for countries to change these rules.

Yellow Fever Vaccination at Globe Medical

Vaccination against Yellow Fever is available in Australia for adults and children over the age of nine months, travelling to or through a country (or countries) that have Yellow Fever transmission. Unlike other vaccinations, which can be administered by your local GP, the Yellow Fever vaccine can only be administered by accredited doctors in a World Health Organisation (WHO) approved Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre, such as Globe Medical in Adelaide.

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