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Care of Patients with Cancer

Caring for our patients with Cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer is an emotional and daunting time, and you may feel like your whole world is falling apart.  By the age of 85, one in two men and one in three women will be diagnosed with some form of cancer.

Although there is no magical cure for cancer, early detection provides the best chance of a positive outcome. Furthermore, Australia remains at the forefront of pioneering cancer research, better cancer treatment options, more sophisticated preventative screening techniques, and better ways to care for and support those living with cancer.

For many types of cancer, the survival and cure rates have improved dramatically over the last few decades. There are many new and promising drugs on the horizon, and molecular biology markers are now able to match drugs to individual patients and their malignant tumor types.

How We Care

Our doctors see their role as:

  • offering cancer screening tests where there is clear evidence that the benefits outweigh the risks

  • organising prompt and appropriate testing where there are new symptoms of concern

  • providing those who have been diagnosed with cancer, advice, support, and further clarity around what happens next

  • the management of cancer is now highly specialised and cancer patients often have several specialists looking after them. Our doctors liaise with your specialists and other health care providers to ensure a coodinated approach is taken towards your care

  • if you feel disempowered by, or unhappy with your care, our doctors will attempt to help you sort through the issues

  • we can provide you with contacts and information on where to seek counselling services and additional support within the community

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