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Flu Vaccination

2022 Flu Vaccine

Globe Medical offers annual flu vaccinations to individuals and corporate clients in Adelaide.

*The 2022 Flu Vaccine is Now Available - Please call to book on 8232 7372*

Both private and government funded flu vaccines are now available.

Influenza is a highly  contagious virus that affects many people during the winter months. In tropical countries the virus can be around at any time of the year. Coming down with the flu can be highly debilitating and can result in hospitalisation. Influenza and its complications impose a huge burden on our hospitals every season. The elderly, pregnant women, young children and those with suppressed immune systems or chronic health problems are at the greatest risk of suffering complications from the flu. Influenza viruses are very specific and should not to be confused with the many other respiratory viruses that cause common colds and winter ailments. Most of us will only experience true influenza once or twice in our lives and, for this reason, the illness and vaccine are often misunderstood.

The impact of the flu on both individuals and businesses, due to reduced productivity and loss of income, can be minimsed by vaccination.  Each year the flu shot includes the three most common strains of influenza virus that are likely to affect the community. At present there is no long lasting vaccine, so those at high risk should consider annual vaccination. 

The annual flu vaccines are generally available from early autumn (March). At risk groups (those over the age of 65, pregnant women, diabetics, severe asthmatics, those with chronic illnesses and those on immunosuppressive drugs) are offered the vaccination free of charge. Indiviudals and corporations are able to purchase the flu vaccine for a small fee (usually $20-$30).

How We Care

We understand the negative impact contracting the flu can have on both indiviudals and corporations. We recommend getting the vaccine if you have high level exposure to the public through work or travel in flu season. We also recommend getting vaccinated in years when you have a special occasion, important exam or trip occuring during the flu season. Consider getting a flu shot if you are in close contact with an individuals, such as a family member, that may experience complications from contracting the flu. This is becuase, while at-risk groups are encouraged to get vaccinated against the flu, the vaccine is less effective in those with a compromised immune system. 

Globe Medical holds government stock of the flu vaccine, which can be administered free-of-charge to those within the defined "at risk" groups, such as:

  • Older Australians (>65 years of age)

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people over 15 years of age

  • Pregnant women

  • Indiviudals >6 months of age with medical conditions that can lead to severe influenza

If you are unsure whether you qualify for a "free" (government supported) flu vaccine, call us and speak with one of our friendly staff.

For our corporate clients who want to incorporate annual flu vaccination as part of their overall human resource strategy, Globe Medical runs regular and convenient on and off-site vaccination clinics. For more information regarding Globe Medical's corporate vaccination services and corporate accounts, please speak with our Corporate Partnerships Manager by calling (08) 8 232 7372.

Why Choose Us

We're often asked why an individual should to come to a vaccination centre like Globe Medical rather than attend the local chemist or a workplace vaccine program.  The following reasons should be considered:

  • Flu vaccine like any vaccine should be undertaken by professionals who regularly administer vaccines. It should also be provided in an environment where a faint or adverse reaction can be best managed. Not everyone will admit to a previous faint and in many non-clinic situations individuals are vaccinated in a chair rather than on a couch. 
  • Globe Medical has provided routine and travel vaccines for many years.  The clinic is separated into 2 areas, one for those presenting for general practice and another for those who are currently well and are seeking preventative health advice or immunization.  It has worked well over many years.
  • Providing an influenza vaccine is just one way we can reduce morbidity in the wider population. Other vaccines may be indicated.  During a vaccination centre visit the individual is able to seek further information on; dTpa (triple antigen), Pneumovax (pneumonia), MMR (particularly for those born between 1966 and 1980), chickenpox and shingles to mention a few routine immunisations. Other information on ways to reduce flu or flu-like morbidity during the winter season can also be discussed. The importance of hand sanitisers in the workplace is particularly important.
  • The Globe Medical team believes that vaccine records are very important.  The clinic is able to establish a permanent digital record and make it readily available should it be required in the future.
  • Globe Medical provides vaccinations according to best practice. The influenza vaccine is best given within a time frame aimed for maximum protection. The Department of Health recommends vaccination within a few months of peak season.