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Men's Health

Men's Health

Men do get sick but are famously reluctant to seek medical advice. This is despite statistics clearly indicating that Australian men have a higher mortality rate and lower life expectancy than women.

Many men have undiagnosed high blood pressure, high cholesterol or type 2 diabetes. These conditions may not present with symptoms until well advanced and already causing organ damage. Regular screening for medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease, prostate enlargement, obesity, diabetes and hypertension, is important for the prevention and ongoing management of these conditions.

Many men have had years of outdoor work, making them more prone to the development of skin cancer. Skin cancer, and cancer in general, have much better outcomes if detected and treated early. Regular skin checks and screening is therefore essential.

Men may need help dealing with common issues such as erectile dysfunction, depression and alcoholism, or simply need help getting through stressful times in their lives. 

How We Care

Our doctors understand the sensitive nature of some medical conditions in men. We have both male and female doctors experienced in diagnosing, treating and managing health conditions common in men, and will make every effort to accommodate your request to see the doctor of your choice.

Globe Medical recommends that our male patients over the age of 40 consider having regular health check ups and screening for medical conditions that may otherwise become chronic. We also strongly encourage men to seek medical advice and attention if they believe they are unwell, as early detection  and treatment of some medical conditions often results in  better health outcomes.

Our doctors can also educate men about preventing health problems by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  

For men experiencing psychological distress we will do our best to refer to a "good fit" psychology professional.

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