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Nutrition Advice

Nutrition and Diet

A good diet of nutritional foods, in conjunction with regular exercise can enhance our overall health and feeling of wellbeing. A diet of processed, energy dense foods, which are now easily available in large quantities, contributes to many chronic diseases, both at an individual and population level. These diseases include obesity, cardiovasular disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and some forms of cancer. Young people who have recently left home can easily sucumb to the convenience of  pre-made, packaged and processed foods, and find themselves quickly developing health problems that are difficult to reverse.

Many Australians live a hectic life style, which often results in the consumption of fast foods rather than cooking wholesome and nutritional meals. Fast foods often lack specific micronutrients that are abundant in fresh fruit and vegetables.The prevalence and convenience of fast food and the 'hidden' salt, fat and sugar in many processed foods, has caused a majority of the Australian population to now be classified as overweight or obese.  It is not unusual for our international patients to gain 10 or 20 Kg within a couple of years of arriving in Australia. 

Specific groups such as vegetarians, are at risk of functioning well below par if not able to maintain their iron stores. Those who, for cultural or work reasons, spend most of their time indoors, often have very low levels of Vitamin D, which can have many health impacts. 

How We Care

We strongly believe in the preventation and management of certain types of diseases through establishing and maintaining a balanced diet, good nutritional intake and regular exercise.

Our doctors are experienced in managing a range of nutritional and dietary related health conditions and are happy to provide on going motivation, encouragement and support.

Globe Medical and its doctors will work alongside our dietitian and other allied health providers to ensure you receive an effective and holistic approach to managing your diet and nutritional needs.

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Globe Medical's qualified dietitan, consults on a range of areas including:

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