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Pre-Employment Medicals

Corporate Medicals

Pre-employment and student pre-placement medicals are now standard practice for many employers across diverse sectors of the economy.

They serve many purposes which can be of benefit to both the employer and employee. Primarily, their purpose is to ensure that the prospective employee is fit for the specific work they plan to undertake. This is an occupational safety issue for both the employee, workmates, the employer and occasionally the general public. Medical assessments may be mandated by law, by the educational institution, or by the employing company.  The outcome is not necessarily a pass/fail but may involve highlighting problems that can be corrected, sometimes as simple as a pair of glasses. The following are some examples.

  • medicals for taxi drivers and commercial vehicle drivers

  • pre-placement and pre-employment checks to ensure that student nurses and carers are not at risk for acquiring infectious diseases, and are able to perform manual tasks as required

  • medicals to ensure that volunteers and expatriates on overseas assignment have health issues stabilised before departure, and to advise the insurer of pre-existing conditions

  • medicals for workers in the mining sector who may be located in remote areas and operating heavy and expensive equipment, which could pose a threat to co-workers

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How We Care

The cost of a Medical is generally borne by the person undergoing the medical assessment. It is illegal to claim employment medical expenses under Medicare or Private Health Insurance. The detail, scope and time taken for a Medical can vary considerably. Some Medicals require a quick physical check up while others include blood work, drug screening, hearing and lung function tests. For these reasons, it is important that you clarify what is required with the agency or organisation requesting the Medical. Ideally they will have already designed a form for our doctors to use and nominated specific tests required. By letting our reception staff know exactly what is required in advance, we can allocate the right amount of time so that your visit flows smoothly.

At Globe Medical, we can do on site blood tests and spirometry (lung function tests). We can arrange off site appointments for audiometry (hearing tests) and radiology (Chest XRay) if required. Some employers will make payment arrangements with us directly. Our doctors are very happy to discuss the findings of your medical with you directly, give you copies of any test results and discuss relevant issues with your own GP with your permission. 

For added convenience you can download and complete a Taxi Driver's or a Light Vehicle medical form from the "Policies and Forms" section of our website, prior to your consultation. Just remember to bring the form with you to your appointment.

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