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Primary Care

Primary Care

Primary health care is the foundation of Australia's health care system, delivered by qualified practitioners within the community such as general practitioners, pharmacists, psychologists, practice nurses and community health workers. For the majority of Australians, their primary health care provider will be their general practitioner, who will be the first point of contact regarding health issues outside of the hospital system. 

Primary health care is founded on the philopsophy of maintaining a holistic understanding of health and wellbeing, and recognising that there are many factors that may affect an individual's health. Primary health care practitioners have a broad knowledge base and filter or triage undifferentiated problems as they arrive. GPs determine which problems they are qualified to deal with and which would be best seen by a specialist. 

How We Care

Globe Medical strongly supports and promotes the principles of primary health care in Australia. Our multi-disciplinary team of male and female General Practitioners, practice nurses, and partner health care organisations offer a variety of primary health care services and programs, to ensure our patients have ease of access to care.

In support of the primary health care model, Globe Medical has become one of the first general medical practices in Australia with the capability and capacity to engage in all aspects of the national eHealth system. For patients, this means our doctors can upload Shared Health Summaries and Event summaries to a patient's National eHealth Record, to enable the patient-controlled sharing of their health information amongst their nominated primary and secondary health care providers.

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