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Skin Check

Skin Conditions

The skin is the body's largest organ, in both weight and surface area. The skin has a number of extremly important functions: it helps to regulate your body's temperature, protect your internal organs from bacteria and viruses, and help you to sense the surrounding environment. It is therefore not surprising that while the skin in trying to protect us from the outside world, environmental irritants or disease can aggravate or inflame the skin. 

People of all ages experience skin problems caused by a variety of factors including genetic make up.  While many common skin conditions such as acne are not serious, they often have significant psychological impact on the sufferer due to their visibility. Other chronic skin conditions such as eczema flare when the sufferer is under stress or inadvertently making the problem worse due to lack of education about its management. Poorly managed eczema is extremely itchy and debilitating causing sleepless nights and a flow on effect to general well- being. Some skin conditions are life threatening, such as melanoma and skin cancers. 

While there are many over-the-counter treatment options for a variety of skin conditions, it is best to be sure about what you are dealing with first.

Skin Care & Mole Checks

Dr Clive Philpott and Chris Rook both have a special interest in skin care, and have undertaken additional training in diagnosing, treating and managing skin conditions. They tailor their treatment plans to ensure the most desirable cosmetic outcome is achieved.

Our doctors use dermatoscopes to closely examine skin lesions and check moles for skin cancers. Where clinically indicated, our doctors may recommend that a skin lesion or unwanted growth be removed or biopsied for further investigation. In many cases minor surgical procedures can be done at Globe Medical Adelaide using a local anaesthetic (numbing of the affected area while the patient remains conscious). However, for more complex surgical procedures, suspected skin cancer or management of chronic skin conditions, our doctors may refer you to the relevant specialists.