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Surgery (minor)

Minor Surgical Procedures

Minor surgery is a surgical procedure that involves either cutting and / or stitching the skin and underlying tissue together. In most cases minor surgical procedures are performed under a local anaesthetic, which is the numbing of the skin around the affected area.

Our doctors will often use cryotherapy for the removal of warts, sun spots and skin tags. The procedure involves using liquid nitrogen to freeze the targeted area. The benefit of such treatment is that it doesn't usually require a local anaesthetic, and produces cosmetically superior results.

"Punch" biopsies, as the name implies, are a special punch device which takes out a circular core sample of skin to send to the pathology lab. This can be used to totally remove small lesions or to get a diagnosis of a skin condition.

How We Care

In conjunction with our extensive skin care services, our doctors are trained to perform minor surgical procedures such as suturing lacerations or removing unwanted or suspicious skin lesions. Our doctors have also been trained in appropriate techniques of cryotherapy using liquid nitrogen.

Before undertaking any kind of procedure, however minor it may be, we will discuss associated risks versus benefits and explain the procedure to you. 

For more complicated surgical procedures, or where the procedure is likely to have a cosmetic impact, our doctors will refer you to the relevant specialist for further advice and treatment.

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