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Travel Health and Tropical Medicine

Travel Health & Tropical Medicine

Travel Health is a specialised field of medicine designed to prevent and manage health problems for those travelling overseas. Many health concerns for international travellers are destination specific, and require a travel medicine doctor who understands and appreciates the geographic and epidemiological patterns of diseases all over the world.

Many countries in the world still have diseases that have been controlled or eradicated in Australia due to its living standards and immunisation program. Before leaving for an overseas destination, it is important to speak to your GP or Travel Medicine doctor about getting your  routine immunisations updated to protect you against common preventable diseases. Furthermore, your doctor may recommended some additional travel vaccinations or anti-malarial medication, based on your travel itinerary and risk profile. 

Some pre-existing medical conditions such as asthma, that are well managed in Australia, can be exacerbated by different environmental conditions. For example, high levels of air polution in Beijing can cause extreme asthma in those that usually have mild asthma in Australia. Our travel medicine doctors can advise you about the best way to manage pre-existing medical conditions while travelling overseas.

Remember - Good preparation is the key to healthy travel!

How We Care

Our doctors with a special interest in travel and tropical medicine (Dr Elaine Powell, Dr Kathleen Jamieson, and Dr Stuart Parnham) are nationally recognised for providing tailored and expert advice in this field. Our travel medicine doctors have a broad range of experience working as doctors in developing counties. This has provided them with unique insights and expertise in the area of international health and travel medicine.

Our travel medicine doctors consider all health issues specific to you and your trip. In addition to providing immunisations and malaria tablets, our travel medicine doctors will educate those new to international travel about:

  • common health problems experienced overseas (e.g. travellers diarrhoea)

  • when and where to seek medical help

  • the importance of travel insurance, and

  • management of pre-existing medical conditions while overseas

Upon return to Australia, if you have a health problem that has not completely resolved, we advise you to have a check up. We take special care in diagnosing and treating returned travellers who are unwell. If a second opinion is required, Globe Medical has close links with teaching hospitals and professionals in the fields of microbiology and infectious diseases.

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