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Workplace Injuries

Workplace Injuries

Accidents happen, even with the best safety protocols in place. We have legislated protection for workers so that they don't suffer undue financial burden due to work place injury. For this reason Return to Work (formerly "Work Cover") claims are separated from Medicare Claims. If you have an injury that is directly related to your work, a report must be made to your employer in order to start a Return to Work Claim process. Whatever the nature of the injury, the goal is to return the injured worker to employment. The negative health impacts of prolonged inability to work are well documented.

How We Care

Owing to our location in the CBD we are surrounded by restaurants whose workers carry knives and offices whose workers handle box cutters and filing cabinets. Our staff do their best to fit in unexpected injury appointments and the walking wounded. Where the problem is more complex than a laceration, we will attempt to support you through the rehabiitation process.

Doctors Clive Philpott, Michael StaceyNatalia Katsikitis and Joleen Darby have considerable experience in the area of occupational health and workplace injury.

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