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Corporate Health

Corporate Health Programs

We provide Corporate Health solutions to organisations with offices in the CBD and across metropolitan Adelaide. Our clients come from a range sectors, including resources, energy, finance, professional services and education, just to name a few. We are here to be your business’ long-term health care partner, by providing a comprehensive and personalised solution that meets the requirements of your local offices and their respective employees.


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Medical Capabilities

Treatment of Sick Employees

An employee may become unwell while at work, or have a workplace accident causing minor injury. We are able to assist by providing them with a same day appointment and documenting the incident where necessary. This will allow prompt attendance to their issue, and hopefully allow the employee to return to work as soon as they are ready. Our service also helps to avoid an employee being kept waiting in long lines at the public hospital.

Pre-employment Assessments

We help to ensure prospective employees are capable of safely undertaking a specific job. Our pre-employment assessments will ensure an understanding of the proposed worksite and occupation, medical history of the individual and findings from a thorough medical examination. From this, a final recommendation can be made to the employing organisation with prompt transmission of any required documentation. Where further investigations are required (e.g. pathology etc), we can direct the prospective employee to our partner providers and assist with coordination.

Flu and Workplace Vaccination

Immunising your employees against Influenza can have a dramatic impact on your organisation, by reducing absenteeism and improving staff morale and productivity. Whether your organisation is small or large, we can develop a vaccination program for your business. This can be achieved either through a member of our team attending your workplace, or your employees visiting our clinic at their convenience. In addition to seasonal influenza vaccine, we can vaccinate staff with common workplace immunisations, such as Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Tetanus and Whooping Cough.

Travel Medicine

We offer a comprehensive service in travel medicine, which includes consideration of pre-travel, while away and on-return dimensions. This includes pre-travel medical assessments, vaccinations and supply of medical kits and anti-malarial medication. We also help by assisting employees who are unwell, while they are away and on their return. This is carried out via online communications and through our close links with professionals in the fields of microbiology and infectious disease. For more information on our services in travel medicine refer to our Travel Medicine clinical centre.

Skin Cancer Screening

Employees generally do not initiate their own skin checks. Call upon our expertise to coordinate skin cancer screening for your employees. We can ensure your employees receive the best possible skin cancer care by highly qualified doctors. Early detection of skin cancer is critical and most skin cancers can be treated, provided they are detected early. The benefits to your organisation include a positive impact on staff well-being, minimising corporate risk and demonstrating a strong WH&S culture.


Treatment of Sick Employees

The fee charged for a consultation is based on the length and complexity of the appointment and this will be determined by the treating doctor. The fee structure is consistent with our General Practice Fees, however GST is applicable when charging to a company. Additionally, a Medicare Rebate cannot be claimed by a company.

Pre-Employment Assessments

The cost of each assessment depends upon a number of factors, particularly relating to the comprehensiveness of the examination and length of reporting required. The cost will also vary, based on the number of pathology tests and other investigations requested. If you require a quote, please contact our Corporate Patnerships Manager on (08) 8232 7372. We can then assess your needs and provide a quote that relates to your requirements. 

Deposits and non-attendance fees

As many Pre-Employment Medical Assessments can involve up to an hour with the Medical Examiner, we may request a deposit of $120 or written guarantee of payment from your company, in order to secure your appointment time. Any desposit paid will be deducted from the total consultation fee following your appointment. If you are unable to attend your appointment, please let us know by calling 8232 7372 at least 12 hours before your scheduled appointment time. Failure to cancel at least 12 hours prior to your appointment or failure to attend the appointment will result in the deposit being forfeited as a non-attendance fee, or a non-attendance fee will be issued to the arranging organisation.   If you have any querstions about fees payable, please speak with our friendly reception team at the time of making an appointment.

Travel Medicine

Our corporate fees for consultations, vaccines and anti-malarial medication is consistent with our Fees for Travel Medicine. Please note that GST is applicable when invoicing to a company. Additionally, a Medicare Rebate cannot be claimed by a company.

Skin Cancer Screening

Our corporate fees for skin cancer screenings are consistent with our fees for General Practice (i.e Standard Consultation). Please note that GST is applicable when invoicing to a company. Additionally, a Medicare Rebate cannot be claimed by a company.

If you require skin cancer screening for a large number of employees, please contact our Corporate Partnerships Manager on (08) 8232 7372 to arrange a quotation.


Question: Can you assist with workplace flu immunisations?

Answer: Every year we help local workplaces get prepared and protected for the "flu season". We can coordinate your workplace flu vaccination requirements in a couple of different ways. The first option is to send our practice nurses to visit your worksite, and to vaccinate all employees at an arranged time. We can provide a worksite visit for organisations requiring protection for 50 or more employees. The second option is for employees to individually schedule a time to be vaccinated, by visiting our clinic at their convenience. An appointment can be made at any available time during our clinic opening hours.

Question: Are company accounts available?

Answer: We provide company account facilities to support your centralised billing needs. The account can relate to all services and products provided at our clinic, or through our partner providers. To streamline billing processes, we ensure that you are always billed by us in relation to any third-party costs incurred, resulting from a referral by one of our doctors, such pathology, radiology and audiometry. We will always seek prior approval from you, before any referral is given for a screening expense, which one of our doctors may feel is necessary.

Question: How is our company invoiced?

Answer: Whenever an expense is incurred, we will send the invoice directly to your accounts person/ department and send it through whatever medium you prefer (e.g. mail, fax or email). Our billing cycle is monthly, and we can provide your accounts person with a single statement at the end of month. Payment of a given statement is due Net 14 days. If you would like to establish a company account, please contact our Corporate Partnerships Manager on (08) 8232 7372.