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Medical Interpreter Services

Translating & Interpreting Service

Practice policy

Globe Medical offers its patient a free translation service for patients that feel more comfortable speaking a language other than English. Globe Medical uses the professional Translating and Interpreting Service.

Patient are asked to request an interpreting service when making an appointment. Please consider when making an appointment that the Translating and Interpreting Service require 24 hours’ notice for a telephone consult, and 48-hour notice to arrive in person.

Patients are welcome to have family or friends to translate, however we do not allow children to translate for their parents.

For patients that are deaf or hearing impaired, Globe Medical uses the services of the Australian Sign Language and National Relay Service. Patients are asked to request this service when making an appointment.

Practice Procedure

Our practice advises patients of translating interpreting services by:

  • Signs in the waiting area
  • Reception staff
  • Clinical staff
  • GPs
  • Practice information sheet
  • Our website

In our practice, we accommodate patients who speak a language other than English by:

  • Asking the patient if they would like the use of an interpreter
  • Record the patients preferred language and that they have requested an interpreter
  • Ask the patient whether they would prefer a male or female interpreter
  • Ask the patient how they prefer to be called by the interpreter
  • All appointments with an interpreter must be booked for at least 30 minutes.
  • Book a phone or on-site interpreter online via https://www.tisnational.gov.au/en/Interpreters
  • Ask the patient to call if they are unable to attend the appointment.