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Medical Records

Your Personal Health InformationFiling Cabinet

Globe Medical preserves the privacy and confidentiality of your personal health information, which includes your medical records, family information, address, employment demographic and account data.

Your medical records contain all of your important medical history, such as conditions, treatment, medications, allergies, vaccinations, tests and results.

Globe Medical considers all patient medical  records in the strictest confidence between the you, the patient, and your doctor.

Globe Medical will never release your medical records without your written consent, unless the records are subponeaed by a court of law.

Release of Medical Information

New patients to Globe Medical may wish to authorise the release of their medical records from other doctors. This will enable Globe Medical to provide proper continuity of care for existing medical conditions. Ask your doctor today about how you can request your medical records to be transferred from your old health care provider to Globe Medical.

Transfer of Medical Records to another Health Provider

Globe Medical provides third party health care providers with a summary of your medical history to ensure continutity of care, such as when we refer you to a specialist.

Globe Medical will respond to requests to transfer a copy of your medical records to another practice. The request must be submitted to Globe Medical by the new practice on behalf of you, the patient.

Access to Personal Medical Records

Under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) you have the right to access your personal health records from Globe Medical. If you would like to request a summary or copy of your medical records, please speak with your doctor. Please be aware that administrative fees may apply, and requests are generally processed between 5-10 working days.

Your eHealth Record

Patients may provide their doctor at Globe Medical with consent to access their eHealth Record. This will enable your doctor to download past health summary, or to upload a new Shared Health Summary or Event Summary to your individual eHealth Record.

Things your should know about your eHealth Record

  • You can nominate which healthcare providers you want to access your eHealth Record

  • You control the types of information accessible by authorised healthcare providers

  • Only in the event of a medical emergency, where you are unconscious or unable to communicate, may a non-authorised healthcare provider (e.g. doctor within an emergency department) gain temporary access to your eHealth Record

  • Your health information that is downloaded from your eHealth Record is subsequently stored within Globe Medical’s secure electronic patient medical record management system

Privacy Policy

Globe Medical takes patient privacy and confidentiality seriously.

Our Privacy Policy outlines how Globe Medical preserves the privacy and confidentiality of your personal health information.

For more information, refer to our Privacy Policy.



For more information about how Globe Medical collects and uses your personal health information and medical records, refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or call Globe Medical on (08) 8232 7372.