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Complaints Process

As a valued patient of Globe Medical, you have the right to submit a complaint if you believe our service and / or provision of care has not been of a high standard. If you submit a complaint your care will not be affected in any way.

You can submit a letter of complaint to our Practice Manager. In this letter, please include:

  • The nature of your complaint

  • Your name and relevant contact details

  • The name(s) of the indiviual(s) involved

  • The date and approximate time of when the incident occured

  • Your ideas about how you would like us to help you, or how we could ensure such as incident is not repeated in the future

Upon submitting your complaint you should expect:

  • A personalised response from the Practice Manager ackowledging your complaint

  • Our Practice Manager will investigate the complaint and make every effort to resolve the issue in a timely manner

  • Communication from the Practice Manager detailing how the issue was resolved


Send your letter to:

Attn Practice Manager
Globe Medical
Level 1, 21 Hindmarsh Square
Adelaide SA 5000


Email your letter to:


We take feedback, complaints, and concerns very seriously.

Please speak with us if you have any concerns, and where appropriate, we can arrange a meeting for you with a member of our Practice Management team.
Alternatively, you can express any concerns you may have, including those related to privacy, using our enquiries form.

We will strive to resolve your concerns, in accordance with our resolution procedure. If you wish to take your complaint further, you may contact the Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner in South Australia via https://www.hcscc.sa.gov.au/