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FAQs - Patient Safety and Advocacy

Question: What kind of issues does the Practice Manager handle?

Answer:  A role of the Practice Manager is to communicate your compliments, suggestion and grieviences about the service and / or care you have received at Globe Medical to the leadership team. Furthermore, the Practice Manager has the authority to investigate issues if you are not satisfied with your care.

The Practice Manager can also answer your questions about Globe Medical's Privacy Policy and confidentiality of your personal health information.


Question: Can anyone speak to the Practice Manager?

Answer: All patients and their families, guardians and caregivers can speak with our Practice Manager.

You can access the Practice Manager by requesting to speak with them at the pratice.

Alternatively, you can call Globe Medical on (08) 8232 7272 or write a letter to:

Attn Practice Manager
Globe Medical
Level 1, 21 Hindmarsh Square
Adelaide SA 5000


Question: Can I remain anonymous when submitting a compliment, suggestion or complaint?

Answer: Yes, however we will not be able to communitcate the progress or outcome of your suggestion or complaint with you.

Anonymous compliments, suggestions or complaints can be made via our feedback box in the waiting room.